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In a world increasingly dominated by online shopping platforms like Poshmark, maintaining a unique value proposition for local shoppers is becoming more challenging yet ever more critical. Kevin, in a recent interview, illuminated the distinct approach his store takes to keep the local retail experience alive and thriving, even as it competes in the digital age.

The Thrill of the Hunt

Kevin's philosophy centers on preserving the "treasure hunt" aspect of shopping—a sentiment increasingly rare in today's retail landscape. Unlike platforms such as Poshmark, where the shopping experience is streamlined and digital, Kevin’s store focuses on the tactile, spontaneous joy of discovering hidden gems in a physical setting. "We like to put brand names to clothes, specialty prices, in our store to give our local shopper a shot at it," Kevin explains, underlining the importance of offering first dibs to the local community.

A Strategic Blend of Online and In-Store Sales

Acknowledging the reality of unsold inventory, Kevin’s strategy involves transitioning items that don’t sell within a few weeks to an online platform. This move not only clears space for new inventory but also broadens the audience for these items. Remarkably, this method boasts an 85% sell-through rate online, testifying to its efficacy.

Kevin shares an anecdote to illustrate the potential windfalls for savvy shoppers and resellers alike: a pair of Jimmy Choos that one might snag for $30 in-store could fetch up to $400 on ShopGoodwill online. This dynamic creates a win-win situation, where treasure hunters can find incredible deals in-store, and the business can recoup and even profit from unsold items through online auctions.

Specialized Items and the Online Marketplace

The approach to selling specialized items like antique cameras or musical instruments further distinguishes Kevin's business model. Recognizing the limited demand for such niche items in local stores, these items are primarily sold online, where they can reach a targeted audience. Starting bids are set low to attract interest, but ultimately, it's the consumers who determine the value through bidding—a process that Kevin views as democratizing the valuation of goods.


Kevin’s insights reveal a thoughtfully crafted strategy that respects the allure of local shopping while adeptly navigating the challenges and opportunities of e-commerce. By preserving the treasure hunt experience for local shoppers and leveraging the online marketplace for niche and unsold items, Kevin’s store offers a compelling alternative to purely digital shopping platforms. This balanced approach not only supports local retail but also fosters a community of engaged shoppers and resellers, proving that in the right hands, traditional retail can flourish alongside its online counterparts.