In an insightful conversation, Kevin delves into Goodwill's distinct value proposition in the reselling market, setting it apart from platforms like Poshmark. The conversation sheds light on how Goodwill maintains its competitive edge by blending the traditional treasure hunting experience with the expansive reach of e-commerce.

Preserving the Treasure Hunt

Kevin emphasizes Goodwill's commitment to the local shopper's experience. Unlike purely online platforms, Goodwill cherishes the in-store treasure hunt, offering brand-name clothes and specialty items first to local shoppers. This strategy not only caters to the excitement of discovering unique finds in person but also supports the community by providing access to high-quality items at significantly lower prices.

Transitioning to Online Sales

Recognizing the dynamics of demand, Goodwill strategically moves items that do not sell within a few weeks to their online platform. This approach boasts an impressive 85% sell-through rate online, illustrating the effectiveness of blending physical and digital sales channels. Kevin highlights the potential windfall for treasure hunters and resellers, citing the example of finding Jimmy Choos for $30 in-store that could fetch up to $400 online.

Selective E-commerce Strategy

Goodwill's strategy is nuanced when it comes to deciding which items to sell online. While clothing remains a mainstay of the in-store treasure hunt, items with a niche market, such as antique cameras and musical instruments, are predominantly sold online. Starting bids online are kept low to attract interest, but ultimately, the market decides the final value. This approach underscores Goodwill's understanding of its diverse consumer base and their respective value perceptions.


Kevin's insights reveal Goodwill's innovative approach to competing in the resale market. By preserving the in-store treasure hunt for local shoppers and selectively leveraging e-commerce for items with a narrower audience, Goodwill successfully caters to a broad spectrum of consumers. This strategy not only enhances the shopping experience but also maximizes the reach and profitability of unique and specialty items. Goodwill's model illustrates the power of understanding and adapting to consumer behaviors, setting a compelling example for others in the resale industry.