In an insightful exchange, Kimberly sheds light on how resellers can enhance their profitability when shopping at Goodwill. With a focus on leveraging personal expertise and understanding market demand, Kimberly's advice is invaluable for anyone looking to make the most out of their reselling endeavors.

Stick to Your Expertise

One of the key takeaways from Kimberly's advice is the importance of staying within your area of knowledge. The temptation to diversify one's inventory can be strong, especially when faced with an array of items at Goodwill. However, Kimberly emphasizes the significance of specialization. By focusing on items you are knowledgeable about, you can make informed purchasing decisions, reducing the risk of investing in inventory that you cannot sell.

Know Your Market

Understanding your audience is crucial. Whether you're a dedicated reseller or an interior designer incorporating resale into your business model, knowing what your customers are looking for can significantly impact your success. Kimberly highlights how interior designers, for example, might not primarily identify as resellers but use resale items to meet their clients' needs during home staging projects. This approach underlines the importance of tailoring your inventory to suit the preferences and demands of your market.

Leveraging Knowledge for Profit

Kimberly's insights emphasize that successful reselling isn't just about the items you choose to sell; it's about how well you know your product and your audience. This knowledge is what sets successful resellers apart. It enables them to identify valuable finds within Goodwill's diverse selection, catering specifically to their customers' tastes and needs.


For those looking to make a profit through resale, especially within the treasure trove that Goodwill offers, Kimberly's advice is clear: specialize and understand your market. This focused approach not only increases the likelihood of sales but also ensures that your business remains sustainable in the long run. Whether you're an experienced reseller or new to the game, remembering these tips can help you navigate the resale market more effectively, turning your knowledge and expertise into profitable returns.