How to Leverage an Advanced Listing Tool for eBay to Sell More Efficiently (part 2)

August 12, 2022
5 min read

How to Leverage an Advanced Listing Tool for eBay to Sell More Efficiently (part 2)

List with ease when you allow Hammoq to enter your listings with SEO-friendly descriptions and excellently thought out titles.

We’re here to change the game for resellers and businesses alike, in the hopes that providing a new and easy listing experience will lead you to less stress and higher growth.

You can count on our service for listing your products at growing speeds and get those sales ramped up to levels you haven’t yet been able to reach.

Get on board today with us and receive help with listing in as little as 12 hours.

No advanced app online is more fast, efficient and friendly than Hammoq.

What is a Listing Tool?

A listing tool is simply a piece to this listing software puzzle that helps to get your items online and ready for selling.

Listing tools can be an app, such as in this particular situation, whereas we provide the tool you need to give your store the best chance at increasing your revenue.

These tools are excellent options for selling more efficiently, since they allow you to take less time thinking about which words to use in titles and descriptions, which in turn gives you extra time to spend on growing your business to the level that you seek to reach.

What is Listing Software?

Listing software is simply the tool between which your sales channels and yourself lie.

This software gives you the ability to create the listings you desire while pushing them out to the platforms of your choosing.

This could be an online marketplace for your business, or a specific eCommerce platform.

Why are Listing Tools and Software Beneficial to Your Business?

These can be extremely helpful to building your corporation or small business by allowing you the opportunity to add value to your marketing strategy.

A listing tool can help you exceed your competition and listing expectations by doubling or even tripling your online presence and potential reach to new customers from all across the globe.

What is a Multi-Channel Listing Software?

This is what our company excels at. Multi-channel listing.

However, we have one-up’ed the competition by adding an extra bonus to your options.

This is in the form of “de-listing.”

When you are selling through many different channels, this can sometimes get confusing, overwhelming, and downright frustrating when the same items keep selling on more than one platform.

We’ve eliminated this problem with the option to “de-list.”

What is De-Listing?

De-listing is a new tool that no other listing software companies have yet taken into consideration.

This is just one of the many examples of how Hammoq has thought outside of the box, and is here to help you by not just growing your presence, but also by making sure that you have less stress by eliminating the problem of the dreaded “double sale.”

These double sales can not only cause you frustration, but can also lead to unexciting circumstances in the form of eBay defects or problems that can affect your sales by messing with Cassini, (eBays AI algorithm).

Double sales can also lead to unhappy customers, if they have purchased something on one of your platforms, and then need to be told that the item has already been sold.

It probably won’t be one of your most fun conversations, or if you’ve encountered this problem in the past, you surely know and understand what we mean.

Why Use a Listing Tool for Your eBay Store?

From resellers, to corporations, to everything in between, (i.e. thrift stores, pawn shops, non-profits, consignment stores, you name it.), we will make listing on your eBay store a breeze.

When you use a listing tool for eBay, you ensure the consistency and cohesiveness of each and every item that is listed, so that your customers will always know what to expect when they’re shopping in your store.

Listing tools can come in handy when you need extra time to dedicate to the physical aspects of your store, since our virtual assistants will help you to automate the entire listing process.

Doesn’t eBay Already Have a Listing Tool of Its Own?

Yes, in some form.

However, this listing tool is much different from the one that we here at Hammoq are offering.

Ours is better because it allows us to take the things that you don’t enjoy doing, and turning them into search-worthy products.

With Hammoq, we’ve taken out the time sucking tasks, and implemented a simple strategy for resellers, stores, and corporations alike.

All you have to do is simply “photo and go.”

What is “Photo and Go?”

Photo and go is something we like to call our super simple listing process. All you have to do with our advanced app is take a photo of your product in the app, enter anything important for your virtual assistant in the Notes section, and that’s it.

The rest we can do remotely, so you can just sit back and relax.

Or, you will surely be able to spend that time looking for more products to grow your reach.

How Will You Sell More Products by Implementing a Listing Tool?

Simple. You will get more products online in less time. You will spend more time focusing on growing your brand and less minutes refining and researching your perfect listing description and keywords.

Our skilled workforce will let your mind rest while they take over the difficult and annoying tasks that you don’t want to spend your moments worrying about.

Take Advantage of Our Listing Services

By signing up for Hammoq, you’ll be able to take full advantage of our listing software, allowing you to lesson and potentially eliminate all or most of the problems mentioned above.

Running into those problems are way more likely to occur without the help of a software designed specifically for these.

Embrace the chance to use AI to your advantage and get rid of the chance of human error.

We will help you to not only grow your business, but will help you to accelerate at rates that you have never thought possible.

Listing is easy, accessible, and quicker than ever before with the use of our app.

Where Our App Can Be Found

Hammoq can be found on both the iPhone and Android versions of the app store.

Be sure to spell Hammoq with a “q,” and look for the hammock logo!

After signing up and entering your first photos, we will get in contact with you via Whatsapp or through another form of communication within just a few hours.

How Will You Be Able to Sell More Efficiently?

The process is painless, effortless and simple.

We strive to make your life and experience easier with just the touch of a few buttons.

The more you use the app, the faster you will become, and the more listings you will then be able to research, source, photograph, and push out to new and ready to buy customers.

You’ve already got a customer base, let us help you grow your listings to new levels by adding new items at rates unheard of.

When you increase your listings, you’ll also be able to increase your bottom line by watching your sales roll in at lightning speed.

What Makes Our Company So Advanced?

We have spent countless hours, days, months and years developing the top-notch listing software you see today.

We understand that listing quality is highly important to your website and revenue growth, and have thought out all the kinks that could potentially halt your journey.

As opposed to other listing services on the web, we have added ways to make your life easier as a business owner and operator, and have been in the trenches as well as resellers ourselves.

We like to make sure you have the quality assurance you need, and want you to know that we are based in the US.

Our listing software is overseen by our trained remote workforce that ensures your listings are to perfection every single time before uploading drafts for you to review.

We want to be sure that you get exactly what you want in forms of listing style, keywords, and making sure those words are search engine optimized.

Why Choose Hammoq?

Hammoq is better than the rest because you can confide in us.

We understand what selling online is like, and by leveraging our listing tool software, you will be able to experience the success that you previously only dreamed about.

Our app has been thoughtfully designed with the user in mind so that you can have an easier, faster, and more successful experience as you upload your photos and notes to our skilled virtual assistants.