How to Leverage an Advanced Listing Tool for eBay to Sell More Efficiently (part 1)

August 12, 2022
5 min read

How to Leverage an Advanced Listing Tool for eBay to Sell More Efficiently

A Remote Workforce Overcomes Obstacles

When it comes to new technology, you may be getting overwhelmed.

The options are nearly endless nowadays, but that also means it makes it more difficult to come to a decision on what may be the best route to take for you and your business.

Making the plunge to moving into fully remote, (or more remote), can expand your eCommerce business to new heights.

When you start listing your online, you’re able to display the items in your store to a massive amount of people that you may not have already had the opportunity to introduce yourself to.

If you’ve been considering doing this for some time now, but have not been sure about if you’d have the time needed to do so, we’re here to help.

Let us tell you how.

Automation is The Key

Automation is the new way to move more inventory at 30–40% less cost.

You’ll be saving time, while also accelerating the traffic to your website or platform you choose to use.

Hammoq has come up with a problem-solving solution to this time crunch issue, and has worked out all the kinks to ensure making the move will be comfortable, quick, and easy.

Our new software has opened doors that businesses have never been able to explore before, by listing their items online faster than ever.

Our app is your one stop shop for sharpening backgrounds and excellently describing your items detail by detail with SEO-friendly keywords in mind.

We’ve made it easier than ever before to just photo and go.

You simply enter your photos into our app, (which can be found in the iPhone or Android app store), and we’ll handle the rest.

We’ll take care of those pesky descriptions, annoyingly long titles, and arrange your photos in the desired order that you choose.

We’ll even de-list them for you, if you desire to sell on multiple platforms at once. This way, you can make sure you never sell something twice.

Benefits of Remote Labor

Stop worrying about the labor loss you’ve been experiencing, and start wondering how you can focus more on growing your business, while we take care of those repetitive tasks in the background.

Up to 30% of remote work from home employees report back that they are just as (or even more) productive and engaged with their career as opposed to working from a shared office space.

Here at Hammoq, we not only want to help grow your business to new levels, but we also like to focus on the fact that we’re providing excellent careers for families all over the world, that are now able to stay at home with their loved ones instead of fighting rush hour everyday and becoming more stressed.

Stress is a key factor of why most workers quit their jobs, and we like to think that by spending more time at home, this is not nearly as high, leading them to have more focus in their work, and be more efficient in their tasks.

When employees have the opportunity to stay home, they are more comfortable in their environment, leading to a higher rate of overall happiness, quality of life, and increased time for self-care.

This in turn proves a better work-life balance. Something that we have all sought out at one time or another.

Going Remote Provides Savings

Not only does moving your workforce online save your employees sanity and a commute, but it also saves big for you as a business as well.

It’s estimated that employers can save a whopping $11,000 PER EMPLOYEE over the course of a year, (when working remotely).

This is caused from multiple factors, including:

Less turnover
Fewer absentee days
Cost of office space
Can you believe it??

16% PERCENT of global companies are now FULLY REMOTE.

Join them in your journey and stop waiting for the labor shortage to subside.

You can now prosper and flourish in more ways than one, when you take the leap with HAMMOQ!