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Here’s Why Pawn Shops Should Start Listing Electronics Online

Listing online to multiple marketplaces can get a little overwhelming or even confusing at times, given that every single one has its own differences and best practices to follow. It may have you reconsidering certain items to list, even though you have a steadily growing pile of those items ready and waiting to sell to your buyers.

In short, we’re referring to electronics. If you actively are selling through the electronics in your store, but are looking to make more sales online to move quicker through your current and ever-growing inventory, then we’d like to offer a solution to this problem that’s been physically piling up.

Grow your store and your sales at the same time when you start using a service that’s right for your business.

How Can We Save You Money & Labor at the Same Time?

Finding the right service to list with is like finding a great employee in-store. They’re efficient, effective, accurate, and can get the job done the way you want it done. However, a remote workforce with a service online, will be able to do that employee’s job at a rate of 400% higher the amount.

With the endless list of increases in labor shortages throughout the nation, you’re not going to want to keep relying on dead-end position leads that never get filled. Start thinking about the future of your pawn shop and try out a new way of listing on the web instead.

Current pawn shop clients of ours have already managed to decrease their expenses by as much as 30%. This could be a huge help to your store if you’re looking for new and improved ways to increase your presence and grow your revenue month over month.

Some items can be trickier to list than others, especially when it comes to paying the wages of your employees in-store. Let us raise the rate that you’re likely to succeed on those online platforms, by pumping out more listings per hour than ever before.

One pawn shop employee on average can list a whopping 6 items per hour. You may think that’s a lot, right? That comes out to approximately 50 items per day, per employee. So, if you have 2 employees, that’s 100 fresh new items online, everyday, to whichever platform you choose to sell your electronics on.

However, by enlisting the help of a virtual assistant service, you’ll be able to maximize your profits and productivity, by ensuring that you get more listings online than previously imagined.

Our team has the knowledge to back up the skills needed for posting on many different marketplaces and the know-how to ensure that every listing is perfectly described, in the format that you desire.

Regain Your Time & Maximize Your Growth

This way, you can get your employees back to the basics of taking care of your customers and your business. They’ll once again be able to treat them with the one on one service that has slowly come to be the missing piece in your company, due to extended computer time or crawling through online searches to find the best price points for your products.

Get back the time you need to manage your company without having to constantly teach new onboarding employees how to list, and focus more on the matters that really make a difference in your growth.

Throughout time, you may have forgotten some of the key things keeping your customers coming back in the first place. Regain their loyalty by ensuring that both you and your employees will be there whenever and wherever they need you most.

Business owners today need to be online to gain the most growth out of their company. However, many of them don’t have the background to be experts in every marketplace that’s popped up over the years, and that’s completely understandable since it’s happened at such a rapid rate.

That’s where we come in. We have a handle on the online world and know how to list like a pro, every single time, and yes, on every single platform. This means that you can work with your employees more easily throughout the day around your store, while we handle managing your online presence in the background.

Stop Spending Unnecessary Hours Searching

Don’t know how to list that old Sony Playstation? How about that boxed up ancient Atari your friend’s grandfather gave you? Aren’t sure of which model numbers to include on the stack of VCR’s that just came in? No worries, we got you covered all the way from start to finish.

Our remote workforce has been explicitly trained on how to list everything from dusty old Gameboys to new fancy Macbooks. You name it, we can list it. We’ve put in the time so that you no longer have to.

Having trouble finding the exact match on the web to the old video game console you sourced recently? Take less time out of your day by sending the photos straight over and start regaining lost hours spent searching endlessly for hours online.

Certain electronics can be heavier than others. Help out your back and only worry about moving them once. Be done with them by just snapping a few quick pics of the major details and drop it off at your inventory sorting spot.

Never again will you have to stare back at that pile of unlisted electronics. Finally, a better way has been found, and you can start being worry-free about your new electronic inventory that hasn’t been listed.

With Hammoq, all you have to do is photo and go, so that you can move through your overflowing pile at a lightning fast pace. Simply open up the app on your phone, there’s no need for fancy camera equipment or even light boxes when you list with us.

We want to assist you in saving the most time and money in your business, and have implemented the tools needed to do just that.

Forget finding the best angles for lighting or the perfect spot to photograph. You can now whiten your listings’ backgrounds with ease right in our app, making it easier and quicker for you to move onto the next item of business.

Just snap a few photos of your electronics and enter any vital information for our VA team to refer to in the notes section. This section will not be displayed to the public, so you can be quick to type anything in, and move on accordingly after that.

Hire a Service That Has Your Back

From there, our skilled VA crew will craft click-worthy listings that your buyers will enjoy browsing through and buying on the platform, or platforms that you choose to list your electronics on.

If you’re already using an inventory management system, Hammoq is able to easily integrate into whatever system that’s needed as well, so that you can keep doing what you do best, and track any products that have been sold, making your life easier and giving you one less step to manage.

It’s truly that easy. We want to make being a business owner more comfortable and easier for you and your team, so that you can oversee your company with less stress and more time. After uploading your photos and notes, simply move onto the next electronic in your pile, and do the same with each item following.

Let us handle the finicky portion of finalizing your listings, with perfect descriptions and tantalizing titles that capture your product and captivate your intended audience.

We’ll be sure to include any SEO-friendly keywords that Google will love as well, so that you’re sure to get a front seat spot on the search page when buyers go browsing for your items on the web.

Get Your Electronics Online Sooner Than You Think

Find out more about our business model by viewing our demo video here, and getting a feel for what we have to offer. Let us offload your workload by taking on the digital work behind the scenes.

Getting started is simple, and you can do so by as early as tomorrow. Just sign up through this page, or pop over to your app store on your Android or iPhone to download our user-friendly app.

Let go of limitations and start rethinking how you can work around your current labor shortages. List online with the best service on the market and get more electronics out the door in less than 30 days.

You’ll be wondering what took you so long to find a more effective way to list. Put an end to being limited by in-store employees. Start using a VA service today to rake in the revenue you’ve been missing out on from marketplaces online.