In the competitive landscape of retail and resale, the power of personal relationships often gets overshadowed by the pursuit of the next great find or deal. Yet, as Kevin reveals in a recent conversation, the secret to a reseller's success may lie not just in what they sell, but in how they connect with the sources of their inventory. Particularly for those working with local goodwill stores, cultivating strong relationships can be the key to unlocking a treasure trove of opportunities.

The Value of Relationships in Resale

Kevin's insights shed light on a fundamental truth in the resale business: building genuine relationships with local store managers and employees can significantly enhance a reseller's ability to find valuable items. Unlike the impersonal nature of online shopping, visiting a brick-and-mortar store allows for direct interaction, creating an environment ripe for relationship-building.

Know the People, Know the Product

Getting to know the staff and familiarizing oneself with the store's layout are crucial first steps. These efforts go beyond mere courtesy; they're strategic advantages. Staff members who recognize frequent shoppers are more likely to share information about new arrivals and hidden gems, directly benefiting those looking to resell. It's not about expecting special treatment but about being a known and respected presence in the store.

Communication is Key

Effective communication can make all the difference. By openly discussing what types of items you're searching for, you allow store employees to direct you to the best finds, saving time and increasing your chances of securing valuable pieces for resale. This two-way dialogue supports the store's mission and employees while also serving your business needs.

A Win-Win Scenario

Perhaps the most compelling aspect of Kevin's advice is the emphasis on mutual benefit. Building a good rapport with local stores isn't just about taking; it's about contributing to a symbiotic relationship. For example, resellers who invest in cleaning up and professionally photographing their finds not only enhance their own sales potential but also highlight the value and versatility of goods from goodwill stores. This partnership approach underscores the potential for resellers and local stores to thrive together.


In an era where the digital often dominates, the reminder to invest in human connections comes as a refreshing perspective. For resellers, the path to success involves more than just savvy buying—it's about fostering relationships that benefit all parties involved. As Kevin points out, the foundation of these relationships is respect, communication, and a shared goal of bringing value to both the reseller and the local store. By adopting this approach, resellers can not only improve their own business outcomes but also contribute positively to their local communities and the missions of organizations like goodwill stores.