Using The Best Etsy Listing Manager To Save Time And Sell More!

August 12, 2022
5 min read

Using The Best Etsy Listing Manager To Save Time And Sell More!

Why keep getting frustrated and wasting your time running it all by yourself? Start listing your vintage and handmade goods in no time with the help of a trained manager on the backend.
If you’ve been wondering if that could even be possible, we’re here to answer your question once and for all. Listing on Etsy is tedious, and we feel your time constraint.

How Can an Etsy Listing Manager Help?

That’s why we’re asking you to consider letting a VA service manager help create new listings for you, so that you’re then able to get back to doing what you love most.

By spending more time creating or sourcing one of a kind items that you know your customers are going to love, you’ll be able to grow your business exponentially.

Many times, resellers on any platform, (including Etsy), can get beyond overwhelmed. This is because most of the time, we’re taking on ALL of the tasks by ourselves. Going at it full force, all on our own.

Sure, this can save time you may think, but we’d like to offer up a better option to this madness you’re currently experiencing.

By allowing a virtual assistant to create listings for you while you sleep, you’ll be able to spend your time more creatively and productively, knowing that you have the time and energy to pump out more masterpieces for your buyers.

Making a living by being a seller on Etsy is completely possible, but it’s going to take some extra effort, and experimenting with prices, keywords, and products. This is something that you most likely do best, given the fact that this is your store.

Therefore, by instilling an Etsy listing management system, you’ll be sure to spend more time tackling the more important jobs in your business, instead of soaking up all your time with mindless tasks such as researching and determining which keywords fit best where, or what price point may be the best out of the all for your product.

There are currently a whopping 43.9 MILLION people selling and/or buying on the site right now. Can you imagine how many products that makes for?? Approximately 26 MILLION one-of-a-kind items. That’s a lot.

That means that to grab those keywords that really matter, or to hit that perfect price point, you’re going to need to dig a little deeper, (spending yet more time), getting to that happy medium for your potential customers.

Getting even just ONE customer can be a hard task in the beginning, but once you start listing consistently and tossing up more items online, your store will start gaining the traction and brand awareness that you need to grow.

Being absolutely sure that your Etsy listings are top-notch, is of the utmost importance when building your empire. You need to have fully optimized, searchable keywords that relate to your product, with proper tags and titles.

Learning all of this can take an immense amount of time that you simply don’t have as a business owner. That’s where our trained and experienced remote workforce comes in to save the day!

Not only will you save loads of time with an Etsy listing manager, but you’ll save money as well, since you won’t have to spend those precious minutes, hours and days worrying about that perfect title. This takes away from the time you could be creating, which is essential to getting your store up and running.

Wondering Just How Much Time You Can Actually Save By Bringing On A Listing Agent?

Well, some Etsy users have stated that they can take up to TEN DAYS!! This is some serious planning and preparing.

However, creating excellent listings on Etsy can ensure that you’re always enticing potential buyers with the best products on the platform.

So, if you feel it’s necessary to spend that ten days on your perfect listing pictures, then leave it to us to fill in on the backend and help you get those tags and titles that really matter.

This especially goes for if you need extra time to create multiple different samples and edit color charts. Therefore, if it takes you 10 days to create a single listing, that means you can save at least half of that time handing off your titles, descriptions, etc, which in turn will allow you to DOUBLE your sales!

What’re you waiting for?

However, there’s also some sellers that take a total of 10 MINUTES. Yes, just ten minutes in total. But this could be a whole other kind of store, with a whole lot less information that could relate to your product. Let us find that middle ground that works best for you and your business.

Keep in mind that we can also adjust your photos if needed, saving you time with:

  • Whitening the backgrounds
  • Cropping the edges when necessary
  • Rotating the images to be all fully upright

Okay, so what if you have products that are duplicates, meaning one creation, with multiple styles? That can’t take that long to list, right?

Wrong! These listings can take pretty long to list as well, if you want to make sure you’re doing it right and pleasing Etsy’s algorithm. Which is highly recommended, since more traffic to your store means more eyes on your items, and more sales rolling in….meaning an increase in your revenue!

Increasing your bottom line should always be on your mind, since that will enable you to invest back into your business, and apply new strategies to your store.

While we list your multiple styles for your first creation, you could be using this time to work on more creations for the future! This will give you more time to think up strategic things to add to your products, or an extra minute to add on new colors or options.

By doing a little research, you’ll find that most Etsy sellers are spending the most time on their photos. This can now be spent relaxed and not rushed, since you won’t have to worry about the rest of the work.

So, Who’s This Etsy Listing Manager We Keep Talking About?

Hammoq! That’s us. We’re a fully remote trained workforce, ready to take on whatever task you send our way. We were built by resellers, for resellers, and anyone else looking to grow their business!

Our company has helped thousands of clients already in growing their businesses beyond their previous expectations. Without our help, they still may have been stuck at square one.

We’ve lifted their stores to the levels they’d not thought possible, by pumping out listings faster than ever before. Since we have implemented the catchy tags and keywords that our good friend Google loves to see, these listings are also gaining traction from traffic that only keeps growing day after day.

If you’re still in the process of launching your Etsy business, you’ve come to the right place at the right time, since we’ll be able to get your online store rolling and off the ground before you thought it was possible.

Get ready to see incredible results with increased sales and start listing with an Etsy manager today. The more time you spend deciding whether or not to do so, is time that would be better spent creating more unique and beautiful products for your store.

When you hit the ground running, you’ll be sure to speed by the competition and ramp up your sales from the get-go.

Let’s say you already have an online store elsewhere, and want to push your products over to Etsy as well…but you have no idea where to start.

Not to worry! We’ve got your back.

From start to finish, we’ll get your products posted and looking awesome and purchase-worthy right away. Most often, our VA’s are able to assist you while you’re sleeping, since our whole company is remote.

Wake up to new listings? Yes, please!

We can cross-list your items from any platform on the web, and can do so in a timely manner. Have an entire store on eBay or Poshmark, but don’t want to spend the time learning all about Etsy? Our virtual assistant service will be more than happy to do the hard work for you.

All you have to do from your end is supply the photos and a few small details about the item you’re looking to sell, and we’ll take it from there.

Running your business really can be that easy, and we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Get started with Hammoq today and get your time back.

Stop spending time wasted on tricky titles and start listing more than ever with your own personalized Etsy listing manager.