The Only Cross Listing App You Need for Your Business

August 12, 2022
5 min read

Hammoq: The Only Cross Listing App You Need for Your Business

You’ve also probably heard the many reasons that cross listing apps are much needed for businesses. There is literally nothing but good things to gain from expanding your reach and exposing your items to billions of more people than ever before.

However, if for some reason you haven’t heard about the aforementioned, let us enlighten you into just how many benefits you should actually be taking into consideration that you could be missing out on.

Here are some of our top picks:

Increased exposure of your brand (AKA “brand awareness”)
More foot traffic in your physical store since your brand will now become more recognizable
Potential new chat groups, comments, sections on social media that will be talking all about you and your business
Growing and keeping up with the fast paced online world of selling
Increased sales from both foot traffic and online
If you’re up for reading more about how listing online is highly beneficial to your business growth, we’ve got a post for you to check out right here. (When you’re finished learning all you can from this one, of course!)

Stop wasting your time hiring companies that won’t perform, and get started with a listing service that truly cares about and understands your desires for growth.

We’d like to talk to you today more about why cross listing is highly recommended, and who the best company is to start using for all of your listing needs.

Let’s get started.

Top Questions to Consider When Cross Listing Products Online:

What Exactly is Cross Listing?
Why Should You Cross List Your Products Online?
Which Marketplaces Should You Cross List Your Products to?
How Does Each Marketplace Differ From One Another?
What Happens if a Cross Listed Item Sells on 2 Different Marketplaces?
What is The Number 1 Company to Cross List With and Why?
What Exactly is Cross Listing?

Cross listing is simply posting your product onto more than one online marketplace. This used to (and still is) done by loads of resellers and businesses ONE by ONE, which can take a painstakingly long amount of time.

If time is something you usually lack, then we’re here to help. Time is everything when running a business, of any size. When you decide to cross list, you’re no doubt going to take up a lot of it.

By using a cross listing service, you’ll instead save a ton of those minutes that were previously wasted copying and pasting your products from one platform to another.

Not only will you have to be a copy/paste pro, but you’ll have to get super familiar with each and every platform you choose to list on. This can throw you for a serious learning curve and can slow down your efficiency tremendously.

Why Should You Cross List Your Products Online?
Cross listing your products online is almost just as good as listing them on the web to begin with. Listing is the first step into growing your business to new levels and a wider audience, but cross listing is the next best thing to take part in.

When you decide to cross list onto different platforms, you’ll find that you open your exposure up to a whole new plethora of new demographics, and may find that working with one platform might just work better for you than another.

You’ll rapidly increase your brand awareness, since your logo and name will be plastered all over your multiple marketplaces and social media from your new customers.

**Pro Tip: If you’re not on social media, but still wish to be in another way, simply offer a freebie or a credit to your buyers, if they post something about your business on their own social media. Win, win!

Cross listing opens doors that were not previously attainable, by offering your items up to a whole new crowd. Don’t limit yourself with just one platform, find a company to work with you on growing your brand to a level you are looking to achieve.

Which Marketplaces Should You Cross List Your Products to?
There are so many marketplaces out there, which makes it pretty hard to choose which one may be the absolute best one for you.
Luckily, we’ve developed a service that makes it easier than ever before to start cross listing your products onto every marketplace that you’d like.

Cross listing used to be much more complicated than just listing onto just one place online. Listing is simple in that you learn one platform, and repeat.

When it comes to cross listing though, you need to learn every single platform in and out, while deciding which ones to toss and which to keep.

This can become extremely tiresome and overwhelming, especially if you start selling significantly more on one than another, and items start to “double sell.”

What Happens if a Cross Listed Item Sells on 2 Different Marketplaces?
**What is “double selling?” Double selling simply refers to when one singular listing sells multiple times, or on multiple platforms. (Which can become quite common when you become a multi-platform seller).

It’s pretty great that you’ve come to the right place, because we’ve figured out a solution for that problem as well.

Let’s talk about DE-listing.

De-listing is exactly what it sounds like. It is the act of removing the sold item from the remaining platforms that it’s listed on, so that “double selling” doesn’t occur.
We can easily do that for you with our listing software, which will detect when this happens and remove the item for you automatically. (Yes, without you having to think about it! Because we totally get that you have enough to juggle as a business owner, already).

How Does Each Marketplace Differ From One Another?
Each marketplace is unique and helpful in their own ways. One may be better for your jean jackets, while another might be perfect for your newly handmade goods.

Depop typically appeals to the younger generations, and offers streetwear and vintage, while Etsy is best for handmade and repurposed items. You get the point.

Whatever you choose to sell, the options are endless when it comes to deciding what platform to post your items on.

If you’re not sure which items may go best where, simply ask us and we will do our best to give you the necessary insight based on what items you currently carry and our previous experience.

Here’s a quick list of the many different platforms that are available to list your products online:

Facebook (FB) Marketplace
LetGo (Now solely OfferUp)

As you can tell, there is quite the motherload to choose from. We’ve got you covered and can cross list to nearly every one of these for you. Just talk to your VA (virtual assistant) to get started moving forward on your request.

What is The Number 1 Company to Cross List With and Why?
We’d now like to have the opportunity to introduce ourselves. Our company is Hammoq, and we are here to list, cross list, and de-list all the items that you need assistance with.

By entertaining the idea of cross listing, you’ll find that you will make more sales, in less time, with potentially higher profit margins.

This is because most of the marketplaces have different selling fees, and therefore can increase your margins if one platform ends up working better than the other (that may be charging more).

**Check out the chart below to see how fees and shipping costs can affect your bottom line on different platforms.

If you’re looking for a company that is ready to grow with you and work together to find the best processes for increasing your revenue, then look no further.

We here at Hammoq feel that we are the best of the best in every category and only continue to get better as time moves forward while learning about your business needs.

We are constantly increasing our knowledge and updating our app as often as needed to offer further benefits and easy tools to use that make it more and more user-friendly every day.

There’s so many more advantages to using our app than just for cross listing, but we’ll leave those benefits to discuss in more detail another time.

If you’re looking for help getting started, we’d love nothing more than to lend a hand. Simply check out the sign up page on our website, and hear from a virtual assistant team in no time.

Or, you can go to the app store on your iPhone or Android store, to download our ready-to-use app that is quick and easy.

Get signed up today and get your listings cross listed in just hours. Why keep stalling? The time has never been better to build your business into the online store that the world’s been waiting for.